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June Early Literacy Tip

Sound Effects in Play Time

Learning volume regulation can be hard when you are tiny. As your little one learns how their voice works, they will be so excited to share all their favorite noises with you. This fun simple activity can help build volume regulation into every day play. 

As you and your little one play, encourage them to add sound effects to what they are playing. Garbage trucks make all sorts of fun sounds so why not include them in play? As you play, ask leading questions. “Is that noise loud or quiet?” “Can you show me how to make that sound quietly?” “What other sounds does this toy make?” Practice animal sounds in the same way. Is your child’s favorite stuffed puppy angry? What do angry puppy noises sound like? Are they happy? How does that sound? 

By practicing making sounds at varying levels and conveying different emotions, you are giving your little one the tools to regulate their own volume and convey emotion through sound. Even if words are difficult for little ones, knowing what frustrated sounds like helps both of you communicate more effectively!