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June Family Literacy Tip

One Word Story Telling

Bring the whole family together and take game night in a wildly different direction. By playing the one word story game, your family works together to create a story. One person starts the story with a few words to get the creative juices flowing then everyone in the family takes turns adding one word at a time to the story. The game ends when you are happy with the story you’ve created. Jot down the story to hang in your home to read throughout the week; then, create a new one next week! 

Your family can work on many different skills at once. If you have a child working on listening skills and writing skills, have them write the story down as you go. Practice sentence structure by encouraging your child when you end sentences and start new ones. 

Story starter ideas: 

“Once upon a time…” 

“It was a dark and stormy night when all of a sudden…”