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Local Spotlight Display

River Forest Public Library is pleased to provide exhibit space on the second floor of the Library that is reservable by local artists and not for profit organizations. Each month will feature a different artist or organization with the goal of providing cultural and educational enrichment to the community. The Library also reserves the right to use the space for library related displays.

Exhibit Space Overview

Four panels measuring 38.5 inches wide and 71 inches high are available for display. Several configurations are available depending on the amount of space needed. Both the front and back of the panels can be used for display. We have push pins available for use but any other hanging supplies will need to be provided by the artist or organization.

Possible configurations:  Three panels, four panels, two panels, zig zag, L-shape, open, square, star


In order to maintain a safe and professional exhibit, the following guidelines must be followed by participating artists and organizations.

  • Artists and organizations must complete an application in order to be eligible to reserve the display. The Library is responsible for the approval of the applications.
  • Artists or organizations displaying at the Library have the entire month to showcase their work in the gallery space.
  • Artists and organizations are responsible for hanging their own work and for labelling their display in a professional manner.
  • Displays must be taken down on agreed upon date. Failure to remove the display will result in library staff handling the removal. River Forest Public Library is not responsible for art or materials removed or stored.
  • The Library and its staff do not handle and are not involved in the sale of artwork. We do not allow pricing to be publicly posted in the Library. Individuals interested in purchasing items must contact the artists or organization directly. Artists/organizations may provide their contact information for this purpose (business cards/flyers, etc.)
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse to display any piece of artwork or materials.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse the use of the exhibit area to anyone whose exhibit is disruptive of library functions.
  • There is no special security for the display area. The Library does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to items on display.

Please contact Fran Arnold ( if you would like to reserve the display space or have any questions.