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Book Spot Ashlee No SpotHi, I’m Ashlee! Like most folks around these parts I consider myself a book enthusiast. When I can pry myself away from the written word you can usually find me sewing, refinishing old furniture, or (if I am very lucky) sailing. One of my favorite parts of having hobbies that keep my hands busy is that it gives me great opportunities to listen to audiobooks, and I would love to check out some new ones if you have any favorites!
I’ll happily read about virtually any topic if the writing style in engaging, though I tend to prefer fiction and non-fiction with a positive or hopeful outcome, books that leave you a little lighter after you finish them. Barring that sunshine fuzzy feeling though, I will read nearly anything that takes place on a ship. Or in space! If you can find me more books about sailing ships IN space, I will be eternally grateful.
Thanks for combing through my Book Spot recommendations! I hope you find something new to read and love, and I can’t wait to read any recommendations that you might have for me!


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I’m Sue Quinn. I joined RFPL almost 11 years ago as the Children’s Services Manager and have been the Library Director now for 2 ½ years. I experienced my first book crush when I was 9 years old, obsessing over the Ginnie and Geneva series. I will read any and all kinds of books, but tend to gravitate towards fiction. As you can see from my lists, I enjoy clever writing, and still have a soft spot for the classic kids’ chapter books that I read to my 3 daughters who are now all in their 20’s. At age 15, when I worked as a page at the Maze Branch library in Oak Park, I was frequently caught browsing the books that I should have been shelving. Fortunately, the supervising librarian was kind and understood just how captivating a full cart of library books could be. My family will certainly agree that I have an outstanding ability to lose myself in a book (and successfully ignore them, the dog, the television, and any potential household task that might be competing for my attention). Reading is my great escape and I have always enjoyed the serendipity of browsing library shelves. I hope you find something you enjoy from among my suggestions here. You can also sign up for any of our monthly newsletters.


Meet Dorothy Houlihan

My name is Dorothy and I work upstairs in the Adult and Teen Services department. When I was eleven, my family moved to Juneau, Alaska. Each week, my father hauled my 6 siblings and myself to the town library to get new books to read. At that time, the Juneau library only allowed four books to be checked out per card. This presented a big problem for me, as I usually could finish at least one book within two days, and certainly complete all of them by the end of the weekend between our library visits. I would be forced to then read whatever my brother, who was closest to my age, picked for himself. Fortunately, the adventure stories and Hardy Boy mysteries that he usually borrowed were appealing to me as well. After months of reading and rereading the books in the children’s area, something happened that changed my life forever. The librarian wrote on my card that I was allowed UNLIMITED books on my card, and that I was also not restricted to the children’s collection! I was honored and humbled to have earned these privileges. I wonder if that librarian could have predicted that I would one day follow in her footsteps and become a public librarian myself?

I hope you find something you enjoy from among my suggestions here. You can also sign up for any of our monthly newsletters. 


Meet Melissa Funsfinn

Hello! I’m Melissa and I’m a Children’s Services Librarian at RFPL. If you’ve ever stopped by the library on a Thursday morning, then you’ve probably seen me reading, dancing, and singing my heart out with our littlest library patrons. I’ve selected my very favorite books to read at Toddler Time. Share these crowd-pleasers with young children in your life. When I’m not reading kid’s books, my favorite genre is memoir. I like getting an inside glimpse into stranger’s lives, especially when those strangers are celebrities. I’m a big fan of comic books, and particularly love the artistry that goes into graphic novel memoirs. I grew up watching Xena Warrior Princess on Saturday afternoons with my mom. This instilled a life-long love of science-fiction, fantasy, and feminism. I love any kind of media that takes a complicated look at the lives women lead. As a queer woman, I am always looking for great new lesbian and gay love stories, especially ones with happy endings. Be warned, there are some real-tearjerkers on my lists! But I also selected some of my very favorite romantic-comedies to cheer you up. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks and look forward to hearing any new recommendations from you as well!


Book Spot Victoria for pageMeet Victoria Muraiti

Hello, my name is Victoria and I am the Assistant Materials Services Manager. I come from a family of readers who always run out of space on our bookshelves. I discovered manga in high school and fell in love with both the genre and Japan. I was lucky enough to travel there in high school and hope to go back one day. Traveling to Japan opened up a new world of food to me and I discovered I love trying new cuisine. My boyfriend and I try to go on food adventures a couple of times a month. When I am not out trying new dishes at restaurants I like to check out cookbooks for new and fun ideas. I disliked fantasy books until a coworker recommended A Court of Thorns and Roses; I was really hesitant to try it, but I was hooked!  Children’s books are also very appealing to me because the illustrations are so beautiful. I love to read thrillers because I find happy endings very anticlimactic and am much more engaged in books or movies when there is an unhappy or ambiguous ending. Thanks for checking out my Book Spot recommendations! I hope you’ll enjoy my picks and look forward to hearing any new recommendations from you as well!


Meet Meghan O’Keefe

Hello, my name is Meghan and I’m in Adult and Teen Services. Thanks for checking out my Book Spot recommendations! I love to read and watch things across all genres, but these tend to be my “go to” categories and represent me well. I grew up watching old movies with my Dad (I don’t think he is aware there are channels outside of Turner Classic Movies), so they are very nostalgic for me even though they are not really from my era. I have always been innately curious about the world around me, so I love to explore nonfiction. Most often, I dive into things connected to history or politics, but I fall down a weird rabbit hole with other random topics all the time! Ireland is my favorite place in the world. I’ve loved every visit there and I come from a giant, close knit Irish family that is very connected to our heritage, so anything related to Ireland still catches my attention and holds a special place in my heart. Lastly, I am a big fan of musicals and enjoy almost every one.  My one big splurge is always having Broadway in Chicago season tickets. I hope you’ll enjoy my picks and look forward to hearing any new recommendations from you as well!