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August Early Lit Tip


Play allows children to express their imagination and learn to navigate certain situations. When children play, they become storytellers. Children play in many ways, but the two most common are imaginative play and real-life scenarios, such as the doctor’s office, restaurants, or school settings.  

Participate with your child or allow them to play solo if this is their preference. Play gives the opportunity for children to practice their narrative skills, grow vocabulary, sort through feelings and emotions, or become inspired to seek new information. Outside play allows children to enjoy movement, physical freedom, and exploration. It is important for children to be able to move their bodies and explore new environments safely. Play is key for healthy physical and mental development in children, for working with peers, inspiring creativity, and imagination, and understanding the importance of taking time for the things you enjoy. Building this foundation of the importance of play at an early age will allow children to better achieve a work/play balance as adults in the future.