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July Early Lit Tip


Did you know that learning words through songs is the most effective way to memorize new vocabulary both in a first language, or new languages? If you have ever attended a baby or toddler story time, take a moment to notice the attention shift when a song is sung. Undoubtedly children stop, listen, and focus whenever music and singing occurs.  

Songs are a wonderful way for children to learn new words, memorize rhyming sequences, and follow stories. Before children can read and write words, they can listen and sing them. Songs put emphasis on certain words and often break larger words into syllables as they are sung, thus helping children get a natural sense of word rhythms. Songs often have stories and resolutions as well and are a great way for children to make connections and help build narrative skills. You don’t have to be a singer to help your child practice their early literacy skills, they’ll just love hearing your voice singing along or to them, and they’ll want to join along!