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June Early Lit Tip


Talking to your little one is one of the best ways to introduce language and vocabulary. Even babies absorb everything they hear. Children are absorbing language at a conscious and subconscious level, unlike adults who are learning consciously. This is why children are often able to learn multiple languages with ease. Their brains are absorbing and processing and they aren’t afraid to make mistakes when they speak.

Babies listen and watch. They may begin by shaping their mouths to imitate our expressions and eventually move their tongues to form words as they grow. They may repeat different variations of sounds, experimenting with volume and noises, until those sounds become words. Talk to your baby about everything you are doing while you are doing it. Continue this dialogue as they grow. Every action provides an opportunity to communicate and share vocabulary with your child. The more you repeat certain words, the quicker they will learn the word and its association.  

Incorporating ASL into your hearing baby’s routine gives them yet another way to communicate. Babies often communicate with their hands before they can form words, so sign language is a great first step for babies’ absorbent minds. The more ways your growing child can effectively communicate with you, the less likely they will express frustration at not being understood.