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April Early Lit Tip

Read Together

Reading with your young reader is a great way to encourage a love of books. Allow your child to choose the books you will read together, even if they choose a book they have read repeatedly, or one you may think is too difficult. For true success with reading, books should be associated with excitement rather than a chore. Children who are excited to look through a book will be more committed to the process of reading.

Every child is different, and every child learns at a different pace. Some children will learn by phonic based reading. If your child falls into this category, run your finger along each word and help them sound each syllable. Some children will learn through memorization. For these learners, point out repeated words every time they pop up. Memorizers will eventually recognize the letter patterns for words and once they do, they will be able to read those words without assistance. Take the time to read to and with your child to see how they approach learning new words, and don’t forget to have fun!