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Re-organized Middle School and Teen Nonfiction Collection makes for easier browsing. 

Anne Kowalski, Middle School and Teen Librarian, has been working hard for several weeks to improve the middle school and teen nonfiction collection upstairs.  

Nonfiction books have been reorganized into clearer categories, with fewer books in each category. Books are now labeled with color-coded icons, which should make it very easy to identify which subject they belong to. We hope that this reorganization will make the collection more enjoyable and accessible for our young adults. 


Animal books, from facts about animals to books about animal photography. Only found in the middle school nonfiction section. 


Biographies of historical figures, athletes, celebrities, and more. 


Encyclopedic/general knowledge titles, such as the Guiness Book of World Records. Only found in the middle school nonfiction section. 


Physical or mental health-related topics.  


History books that focus on historical events.  


DIY, cooking, sports, and other hobbies. 


Topics such as social justice, socializing at school, bullying, and more. 

Pop Culture  

Popular culture topics like TV, movies, and music (I.e., Star Wars or Stranger Things) 


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.