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October Early Literacy Tip

Print Motivation

Print Motivation is simply a child’s interest in and enjoyment of books and reading. It is one of the six early literacy skills that researchers say are important for children to become readers. Children who enjoy books are more likely to want to learn to read, and to keep trying even when it is hard. 

Wondering how to work on Print Motivation in your home?  

Start by allowing reading to be a fun activity for your children! If you treat sharing stories and books as another method of play, your children will build positive associations with books and reading. Let them see you reading and enjoying your own books. Encourage children to choose their own books too. They are much more likely to enjoy books they get to pick themselves over books that are selected for them. If reading stops being fun – for example, if you have a wiggle worm for a toddler or if your child simply does not want to read – let that be okay and stop. By forcing children to sit and listen to stories, we create negative associations with reading. In their first 5 years, reading should be 100% fun!