River Forest Public Library River Forest Public Library

Saturday, 4/2, 2-3PM, Raices Gitanas Flamenco Ensemble

For over twenty years, Raices Gitanas has been educating and entertaining with Flamenco dance and music presentations. Pronounced, rye-ée-ses hit-án-as, Raices Gitanas means ”Gypsy Roots” in Spanish. Gypsies are nomads. Starting a thousand years ago, they began to migrate west from India, traveling the length of Asia and across the top of Africa, and some of them settled in Southern Spain. Flamenco tells the story of their lives: where they travel and the people they meet, the hardships of homeless wandering, their love of family, and the joys of traveling freely. Raices Gitanas tells the story of Flamenco in song, dance, and music. Exploring its history and its place in today’s world, they reveal it to be part of our heritage as Americans, as well. Brought to you in partnership with River Forest Township.