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January Family Literacy Tip

Build Narrative Skills 

As humans, we are story telling creatures! Your little ones are already watching and learning how to tell stories through watching you interact with the world around them. Help encourage building their own narrative skills through several different activities: 

  1. Narrate what you’re doing. As you interact with your little one, tell them what you are doing. If you’re washing the dishes, say that. “I am washing the square, white plate.” This will help build vocabulary and teach them about the world around them. 
  2. Encourage them to do the same! As your little one builds language skills, encourage them to narrate as well. “What are you making?” Encourage them to get as specific as possible. Are they coloring? What are the coloring with? What colors are they using? What are they coloring on? 

As your little one learns to share what they are doing through talking and drawing, they will likely start to share stories based on their environment. Encourage this story sharing and ask follow up questions to help them build the story!