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Early Literacy Tip – October 2020

Meet Them Where They Are

Is your toddler incredibly active and doesn’t want to sit still for a story? That’s okay! Trying to force them to sit and read a story can create a negative relationship with reading. 

Instead, bring reading to your toddler. Are they constantly on the go? Find stories with actions in them and encourage your toddler to do those actions as you read instead of sitting. Do they love singing? Many books illustrate favorite children’s songs. Sing a book with your little one instead of just reading it. If your toddler loves puzzles and tactile activities, finding alphabet magnets or blocks to play with will help build that letter recognition. There are so many different ways to incorporate reading and stories into a busy toddler’s exploring routine. 

What’s most important is helping your toddler foster that love of books and reading.