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Elementary Activities: Letter Writing

Take our popular Letters to S’more activity and bring it into your own home! 

Handwriting is an incredibly important part of education. We learn and absorb better when we write something by hand. It can force us to slow down and process our thoughts differently. These are just some of the reasons why we started our Letter to S’more activity in the first place. Here’s some tips on how you can bring a fun writing activity into your own home. 

Taking the time to practice writing for fun – rather than focusing it on a school activity – can help build proficiency. This allows kids to focus more fully on what they are learning in school rather than also focusing on the mechanics of writing. 

So how do you make writing a fun activity while at home? Write letters to friends and family, of course! Below are some letter writing prompts to help get the creative juices flowing. 

  • Tell the recipient about a fun activity you’ve done in the last few weeks.
  • Talk about some of your favorite things – food, animals, colors, etc. 
  • Share one or two favorite memories with the recipient.
  • Write about something you know a lot about. 
  • Write them a poem.
  • Ask questions you’d like answers for. 
  • Find out what fun holiday is happening on the day you’re writing and tell a story about your experience with what is being celebrated. 
  • Or simply let the creative juices flow and write about whatever you’d like!