River Forest Public Library River Forest Public Library

Stained glass windows bring historical charm to new lobby space

In 1912 the River Forest United Methodist church erected a modified Prairie Style church, designed by William Drummond. From 1964 to 1967 the original 1912 Drummond sanctuary windows were replaced with windows depicting biblical scenes and the Drummond windows were placed in storage. Oak Park resident Chris Majkrzak, who is a member of the church and serves in an administrative support role, happened into our library in October. Upon seeing a rendering of the proposed lobby design, with images of prairie-style glass, she thought of the windows that were in storage at the church.

Majkrzak reached out to Library Director, Sue Quinn, who seized upon the opportunity to examine the Drummond windows. It turns out that one of the smaller 3-panel designs which depicted sheaves of wheat were in good shape and sized appropriately for our new entryway wall. Quinn took the 3 windows to Paul Damkoehler of Altamira Glass who cleaned them and made some minor repairs and had them framed as one piece. Our contractors then installed them in the lobby wall and put a larger oak trim around the trio. While not original to our building, we are pleased to have more Drummond glass in our historic Drummond-designed building. Thank you River Forest United Methodist for sharing a bit of your history with us.