River Forest Public Library River Forest Public Library

Our Journey Continues, 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Priority 1: Engage with our Community

Offer library programs and services to promote strong connections with our patrons and our community.

Engagement Objectives:

  • Actively engage with community groups in support of shared goals.
  • Promote and provide for local opportunities for civic engagement and discourse.
  • Demonstrate the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our collections and programs.
  • Adopt policies and internal operating procedures that reflect equitable practices.

Priority 2: Foster Learning and Personal Growth

Support the lifelong learning goals of all patrons and stimulate enjoyment of reading, listening, and viewing through our Library’s collections, programs, and services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Support families with early literacy offerings so that young children arrive at kindergarten ready for formal learning.
  • Stimulate enjoyment of reading, listening, and viewing for school age children (5-18) through collections, services, and programs.
  • Support adults in their enjoyment of reading, lifelong learning, and skill development through collections, services, and programs.

Priority 3: Optimize Space

Make effective use of our library building, garden, and online presence to deliver library services and support the needs of our community.

Space Objectives:

  • Maximize existing spaces to meet user needs.
  • Improve patron enjoyment of our spaces through enhancements that our budget will allow.
  • Build a strong online presence that connects the library to the community.