River Forest Public Library River Forest Public Library

Saturday, 6/2, 2-3:30 PM, Pets at the White House

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson had a pet mockingbird who often sat on his master’s shoulder? Or that cows and goats used to graze on the White House lawn? Or that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish terrier Fala traveled with the President and attended parties with world leaders? In “Pets at the White House,” the dynamic singing and acting duo, Jenny Riddle and Elizabeth Doyle, delight audiences with wonderful stories and songs about the four-legged, beaked, and pawed inhabitants who have resided at the White House throughout the decades. With upbeat music and fascinating and little-known anecdotes, Jenny and Elizabeth reveal how pets have played an important role at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, not only by providing companionship to the presidents and their families, but also by humanizing and softening their political images. Join Jenny and Elizabeth for this unique and uplifting show. Brought to you in partnership with the River Forest Township.