Our building is closed to the public. However, curbside pickup, phone and chat services are now available 1PM-7PM Mon-Thur, 11AM-5PM Fri-Sat. Email us anytime.
River Forest Public Library River Forest Public Library

Credit Cards now accepted

You can now pay for library fines and printing with a credit card at the front desk when you come to the library. Please note that there is a minimum $3.00 payment required to be able to pay by credit card for printing. 

Patrons wanting to pay from home with a credit card may do so using the My Account feature in the SWAN catalog.

To pay fines/fees through my account:

  • Go to the SWAN Catalog and login to you My Account. Your Account Information should appear.
  • Click on the Fines tab. Click on the red button at the end of the list of fines/fees owed that says Pay via Credit Card.
  • Fill in your credit card information and submit.