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Our new labels will grow on you!

If you are a regular reader of gardening or cookbooks, you might have noticed a change in the way the books are labelled and shelved. This winter we started switching from Dewey to subject words to indicate shelf locations in the Cooking and Gardening collections.  We believe this change will help you browse our shelves to find books on the same topic, using natural language instead of Dewey numbers.

For instance, are you trying to streamline your weeknight routine? Look at the titles in the COOKING SIMPLE MAKE-AHEAD section, and take one home to learn about dishes and strategies for getting dinner on the table faster. Or did you move here from a warmer climate, and don’t know what plants are best suited for Illinois weather? Browse the GARDENING HANDBOOKS where you can find books on the hardiest plants for our zone.
Every shelf has a hanging sign steering you to the more specific subjects within the broader categories of GARDENING and COOKING, to help you navigate the change. We hope the new shelf location headings make your life just a bit easier. As always, second floor staff is more than happy to help you find specific titles or topics — just ask!