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Early Literacy Tip- December 2016

Gift Ideas to Promote Literacy

When shopping for children think beyond toys and choose some fun gifts that promote reading and writing.

Paper:  Put together a stationary kit with fun paper, stickers, cool pens, and envelopes.  This is a great opportunity to teach the art of thank you notes.

Calendars:  Give a calendar with art and space for writing. Add in little messages before wrapping. Or try a planner that kids can use to keep track of their own important dates and events.

Subscriptions:  For a gift that keeps on giving go for a magazine subscription.  Stop by the children’s room to peruse our selection for ideas. Kids love mail and will enjoy getting something new all year.

Books and More Books:  Books are the perfect gift and can be customized to suit any and all interests.  Consider a variety of book formats including board, pop-up, and interactive craft books to keep it interesting.