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DIY @ Home: Yogurt Cup Planters

Spring is here! Celebrate the warm weather by reusing yogurt or sour cream containers to grow fresh herbs!

yogurt cup planters 2Supplies:
Clean yogurt/ sour cream/ cream cheese container
Popsicle sticks/ plastic wear
Herb seeds

1. Decorate containers with paint, stickers, and more!
2. Fill container 3/4 of the way with soil.
3. Plant 2-4 seeds in each container and cover with soil.
4. Label your herbs with a popsicle stick, plastic spoon or a flag.
5. Place on a windowsill where the plants will get lots of sun light.
6. Water every few days; make sure not to over-water.
7. Enjoy your herbs in a delicious meal!

You can find this craft and more on the Arts & Crackers website.
Source: http://artscrackers.com/2013/04/05/yogurt-cup-planters/